Sterling Saddle-Tail® Dovetail Marker and Dovetail Square

Kieran Binnie a fantastic writer, luthier and Woodworker who blogs over at his blog: Over the Wireless showcasing his latest project Policeman’s boot bench. A couple of excerpts from the Blog are below, click here for the entire entry.  Gotta love his quote “Saddle Tail is the Rolls Royce of dovetail markers”

Kieran will be hanging out at my Table at Handworks in Amana this coming May 19-20.  I am super excited to meet Kieran, his wife Rachel and daughter Grace.  We have been friends online and through video conference for a few years now.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!


Marking out the tails. I like a strong 1:4 slope for my tails, and the Sterling Tool Works Saddle Tail is the Rolls Royce of dovetail markers


Checking for a flat and true baseline with the Sterling Tool Works Dovetail Square

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