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The Sterling Plane Hammer is finely manufactured in the USA from Brass Alloy, Stainless Steel and North American Black Walnut (juglans nigra), when properly used and taken care of it will provide many years of service.

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The Hammer has two faces for use, the brass face is used to adjust plane blades without damaging the blade.  The wooden face is used to set the wooden wedge in your wooden planes that lock the position of your blade with minimum marking of your wooden wedge or plane. The wooden face is a replaceable “spud” that is screwed onto a 5/16”- 18 TPI treaded screw in the hammer head.  When the wooden face becomes so deformed from use, it can be replaced with another spud from Sterling Tool Works or made by the owner of the hammer. The Black Walnut handle is attached to the hammerhead by pressing the handle into the head and then a cross pinned.  The Handle and spud are lightly treated with sanding sealer after they are turned to provide some protection but give the handle a very tactile feel. The Sterling Plane Hammer is now available for shipment for $135 plus shipping and handling, this includes a spare Black Nylon spud for use to tension your saw blade or a highly durable replacement spud. Additional wooden spuds can be purchased for $25 per pair. PLEASE CLICK ON THE STORE TAB IN THE MENU ABOVE TO PURCHASE The Sterling Plane Hammer was designed for its intended use; adjusting the blades in hand planes.  It is NOT intended to be used as; a joinery mallet, drive nails, or for intense striking of other objects. The brass head of the Plane Hammer will age and develop a nice patina with use and exposure to the atmosphere.  Should you wish to see the brass gleam like new, you may use a non-abrasive brass cleaner to remove the patina. The Sunshine© cloth is a cloth treated with an agent that cleans brass, some customers report positive results with its careful use.


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4 Responses to Plane Hammer

  1. Michael Rogen says:

    Finally! Chris Kuehn, owner and head elf at Sterling Tool Works has come up with what I consider to be the best plane hammer that I’ve ever used. Until now I was pretty happy with a small brass hammer and a walnut mallet to adjust my planes with. The downside for me was that I needed two tools to adjust my planes. With the Sterling Tool Works new plane hammer I now only need the one tool.
    Its very well balanced with the just the right amount of brass to handle any blade I have. And the walnut face has not marred any of the wedges.

    I couldn’t be happier with this tool Chris and it’s a real pleasure to use and not too bad to look at as well.
    I’m looking forward to any new tools that you come out with in the future.
    Michael, a very happy customer!

    • Chris Kuehn says:

      Michael, Thank you so much for the kinds words! Its hard to convey the feel of a tool to someone. So when customers like yourself speak of it, others notice. I hope many people pick one up at WIA to feel for themselves!!! Thank you for the Feedback!
      Best regards,

  2. Jack Evans says:

    I just received my new plane hammer, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I recently picked up my first wood body plane, a Clark and Williams try plane that was part of a tool sale that Chris Schwarz hosted at Lost Art Press. After some research into options, I opted to purchase the Sterling Plane Hammer, othing pleases me more than a well-made tool, and this one is really fantastic. I was able to use it to set my plane right on the first go; the hammer feels great in the hand and works very well. I expect to get many, many years of service from it. Thanks for putting in the effort and care to make a great product, it is very appreciated.

    Jack Evans

    • Chris Kuehn says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and purchase. Your feedback keeps me motivated as I really enjoy enabling craftspeople to make beautiful things.

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