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Sterling Tool Works LLC is a small business that was founded in 2013 after many years of fine tool admiration by the company founder, Chris Kuehn (pronounced “Keen”).  Chris has been passionate about tools since he was a boy and his father impressed upon him that you can’t produce quality work without a quality tool his frequent saying was “Get the right tool for the job!”.  Furthermore he explained when you buy high quality the first time you will not be let down as quality tools last a lifetime.

Sterling Tool Works is inspired by craftsmen that create fine work.  Our vision is to bring highly refined tools to market that will in turn inspire and enable craftsmen to produce their best work.

About Chris:

Chris holds degrees in mechanical engineering, and business.  He has worked on exciting programs such as the NASA Mars Curiosity rover and has over 20 years of manufacturing experience.  He is passionate about manufacturing in the USA and supports a Maryland state initiative to keep manufacturing in the United States.  He enjoys machine and tool restoration, many different facets of woodworking, reading, bicycling, music and spending time with his family.

He lives in Northern Maryland with his Wife and three children.

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  1. Joe Eberle says:

    It was nice meeting you and talking with you in Amana last weekend. I am very interested in you adaptation of a kerf saw and look forward to you putting the “kit” on the market.
    Hope you had a safe trip home.


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