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Dovetailing Square review at Over the wireless blog – Available in UK at Classic Hand Tools!

Kieran Binnie, a repeat columnist for Furniture & Cabinet making as well as a great Luthier bought one of my Dovetailing Square sets when I announced them the day before Handworks 2015.  Kieran has posted a nice review of the … Continue reading

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Router Plane Wallets back in Stock! “Nut savers” coming soon!

We have dug out of most of the orders from the great Review that Chris Schwarz gave on the Sterling Dovetail Ruler aka the “Dovetail Blade”. My children worked “overtime” over the holiday weekend to help pack and ship a … Continue reading

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Dovetail Doctor – The Sterling Dovetail Ruler receives high praise

Last week I introduced a new product, the Dovetail Rule or Dovetail Blade as some are calling it.  After great feedback from customers at Handworks in Amana Iowa over the weekend, I woke up Monday morning to several texts and … Continue reading

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Sterling Tool Works “Dovetailing Square” has arrived!

Sterling Tool Works Double Square This precision square is supplied with one traditional graduated rule and a dovetailing rule providing a very versatile tool with many uses. The standard rule provides a wonderful compact square with excellent accuracy rivaling common … Continue reading

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Limited edition Saddle-Tail Dovetail Markers available at Handworks 2015.

Its time to share another limited edition tool to commemorate Handworks 2015! I have about 30 of these Saddle-Tail units with socket head screws that I think are just lovely, bigger and bolder than the black oxide phillips head screws. … Continue reading

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Handworks 2015 Commemorative “Woobie” Cloths!

To commemorate the very special event that Handworks 2015 is, I will be giving the first 25 customers that purchase Sterling Tool Works tools this special edition Tool woobie with the Sterling “Seal” logo. The tool woobie is otherwise the … Continue reading

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