Roubo Curves®

Roubo Curves in Action

Roubo Curves® are metal french curves on “steroids”, the largest curve in the three piece set is 18 inches long! This metal french curve set is scaled to a perfect size for full scale work. The set is made from 304 Stainless Steel precision cut with a laser and tumbled in media to debur all the flash and give a nice matte finish that is easy on the eyes for layout work – No Glare. This will be the most durable set of french curves you ever own. Bring some beautiful curves into your next project!

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Another Sterling Tool Works product brought to market by listening to customers and following Our vision: To produce highly refined tools that both inspire and enable craftsmen to create their best work. 

Roubo Curves 4

Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves – Stainless Steel French Curves for discerning Artisans!

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2 Responses to Roubo Curves®

  1. Nimer Aleck says:

    Tools that inspire… My thoughts exactly as I opened the carefully packed Roubo Curves. These are the nicest drafting and layout tools in my studio. I love that they are large enough to use on full scale materials. As with every tool I have used from Sterling Tool Works….. they leave nothing to be desired.

    • Chris Kuehn says:


      Thank you so much for your comments, they are humbling from such a talented artist like yourself! Your work inspires us to make tools so we can see more stunning work that you create!

      Best wishes,

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