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Introducing the Saddle-Tail® layout tool, the first tool from Sterling Tool Works. The Saddle-Tail incorporates two common used tools; a dovetail marker and a saddle square into one premium tool.

The Saddle-Tail was inspired by a layout tool from Christopher Schwarz’ personal tool kit, that was designed and made by Christian Groves of Melbourne, Australia. The founder of Sterling Tool Works, Chris Kuehn used this tool during a class he attended, instructed by Mr. Schwarz.  Chris expressed an interest to bring a similar design to more hand tool artisans with some improvements and was encouraged to do so.  Chris was inspired to bring his love of tools and skills in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Woodworking to provide the Saddle-Tail to other woodworking enthusiasts and launched Sterling Tool Works to do so.   The Saddle-Tail became Sterling’s first project and product.

NOW available in 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:7 and 1:8 Slopes!

ST and Dovetail Square

The Saddle-Tail is a premier layout tool with several features:

      • 1:4 Slope dovetail marker gauge (also available in 1:5, 1:6, 1:7 & 1:8)
      • A very pleasing slope that is good for hardwood or softwoods
      • Capable of “gang marking” of  ¾” stock for carcass tail layout
      • No more marking mishaps – only one slope on this layout tool!
        • Many other dovetail markers have multiple slopes and can be inadvertently mixed during your project
      • Integral saddle square
        • Transfer your layout lines perfectly to a perpendicular face
        • No need to go back to your tool chest for a square, flip the Saddle-Tail over and its a saddle-square ready for use!
      • Easy to hold and perfectly balanced
        • When you grab it, your fingers fall into the machined recess naturally
        • Extra precision when you need it most
      • Relief on the internal corners for reliable accurate marking
        • Even if your board has “fuzz” on the edges
      • O-1 Tool Steel and Brass construction, made in the USA


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6 Responses to Saddle-Tail®

  1. Peter Fecht says:

    Hi Chris
    I recieved the plane hammer , just works as i thought right weight and balance thank you very much .
    cheers Pete

  2. Kenneth says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just received my plane hammer, my 1:8, 1:6 and 90 degree Saddle-Square square markers with three position Saddle-Sling. I am delighted with the purchase, I appreciate the quality of craftsmanship you put into your products keep up the excellent work. Please feel free to post this on your website as a recommendation of your products. Thank you again for your time and efforts.

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  4. Dan Currie says:

    Hey Chris,
    I received my order today and the Saddle-Tails and dovetail square set look great! Can’t wait to use them. And what a nice surprise to get the limited edition Saddle-Tails you brought back from Handworks 2015.
    Thanks! Dan

  5. Kenny says:

    I bought the Saddle-Tail2 because I prefer to use pencils when marking out my dovetails. For those of you who are hesitant to buy the ST2 because of the $65 price tag, as I initially was, once you receive this beautiful tool, you’ll quickly understand why the tool costs what it does, and may actually be surprised that it costs this little. After all, how can you put a cost on perfection? Yes, I consider this tool to be perfect! Perfect in every way – from the impeccable workmanship, to the high quality and beauty of the materials used. I have never had occasion to use words like ‘perfect,’ and ‘impeccable’ before, in describing a tool, but in this case, those words aptly apply. I intend to buy at least 2 more of the Saddle-Tail2, in different slopes of course, and rather than thinking twice about the price, I will just be grateful and happy that I discovered a life-long tool of this high caliber. A tool that will last many lifetimes over, and one which I will be pleased with every time I have an opportunity to use it. And the price of this masterpiece will never enter my mind, because as I said before, how can you put a price on perfection? Congratulations on this one, Sterling Tool Works, and keep up the splendid work!

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