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November 2017  – Announcing Roubo Curves® “Series II” Large scale stainless steel French Curves for full size layouts. Click here to order.

Roubo Curves in Action

August 2015  – Announcing Roubo Curves® – Large scale stainless steel French Curves for full size layouts. Click here to order.

Saddle Tail - Dovetail and Double Square

May 2015 – Announcing Sterling Dovetail Square Sets! Click here to order!

Raney With Hammer

June 2014 – Announcing the Sterling Tool Works Plane Hammer! Click here to order! 

Dove Tail Markers Saddle Tail 5

August, 2014 Announcing new Saddle-Tail® units, FIVE Slopes now available!   Click here to order!

January 2014 Update: We continue to keep busy with orders since Chris Schwarz named the Saddle-Tail the day 7 tool of his 2013 Anarchist Gift guide.

“If you use a dovetail marker, this is the best one I’ve encountered yet.”

We appreciate the review Chris and others have provided (see them on the “In The News page“) as well as the comments and feedback from our customers.  Please stay tuned for some new product releases in the next week on our New Products page!

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  1. Ed says:

    Looks like a well designed, and high quality product. Looking forward to more awesome tools in the future

  2. David Dougherty says:

    I just received my Saddle-Tail today and went right out into my shop to give it a whirl. It is nothing short of awesome and you should order one immediately, before the world catches on and Chris runs out of inventory! 🙂 Please help the burgeoning toolmaker grow his business (I gave a few hints in a separate email; nudge/wink). I can’t wait to see what comes next.


    David from Oregon

  3. Bryan Robinson says:

    I saw Chris today at a Lie Nielsen hand tool event and it was awesome! If anyone had told me I would spend $50 for a dovetail gauge, I would have told them they were full of baloney. But after using it I bought it on the spot. It is a wonderful product and at least a dozen other people today thought so as well.

  4. Scott Kay says:

    I just received my 1:4 Saddle Tail and it is everything I was hoping it would be – a real piece of quality craftsmanship. It completely lives up to my expectations for buying it:

    1.The incredibly superior quality and weight of materials (I wanted a lifetime tool and one I could hand down to my son someday).

    2. The set of design features that are built in to it:
    – the saddle square that will allow me to mark both the face and end of the board simultaneously,
    – the relief cuts at the inside corners,
    – and the groove for your fingers – a very thoughtful and useful design feature! This took just LOOKS like it will feel good in your hand! And having held mine, my hands totally agree!

    I must tell you that I am a beginner woodworker and I bought this tool in order to start practicing marking and sawing dovetails. I hate wasting good money on junky tools, so I buy tools that not only will last forever, but are so well-designed and well-made they cry out to be used! That’s what this Saddle Tail is – a tool that makes you happy whenever you pick it up and make something!

    Thanks Chris for such a superb little tool!

  5. Mike Nicley says:


    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my saddletail and I love it. I’ve yet to cut a dovetail with it, but I’ve used the saddle side a few times. The tool, as has been said by so many others, just feels right; it’s a true pleasure to use.

    I’m glad to support a small business that committed to manufacturing their product to the highest possible quality and doing it here in the USA. (And it’s nice to know I’m getting the best tool on the market.)

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Mike O'Brien says:

    I ordered a Saddletail 1:4 after both reading about it in a Chris Schwarz blog and then seeing it in action with him using it in his new LN Dutch Toolchest DVD. I was impressed by the apparent quality of the Saddletail in the DVD so I ordered one. I must say that the tool is even better in your hand than is apparent on the video. It is better balanced with great hand feel and heft than any other DT market I own. The others seem like toys in comparison. If you are hesitant because of the cost as I was, I can assure you it is worth every penny and will be the last DT marker you buy unless you want a Saddletail in a different proportion. A Wonderful and beautiful tool.

    • Chris Kuehn says:

      Thank you very much Mike! It’s comments like yours that really make my day and drive me to be a better toolmaker! Its difficult to translate the feel of the tool, but your comments have done a beautiful job -THANK YOU!

  7. Chris,

    I just received my set of “Roubo” French Curves, and I really have to say, this was a set of tools that’s time had come. So many manufacture’s have addressed the problem of design and layout, with “single” radii tools, when we all know, that to truly design a piece to please the eye, the larger the amount of options available, the more free flowing and graceful, and “personal” we can make the piece. French curves are uniquely designed for this purpose. I’ve used a plastic set of drafting curves for years. Expanding their reach by all sorts of methods. You’ve finally offered an economical, extremely robust answer.

    I own several of your tools, and these adhere to your strict level of standards. I was proud to “waller” out a place in one of my toolboxes to fit these within.

    Thank you again,

    Pete van der Lugt
    Briley Woodworks

    • Chris Kuehn says:


      Thank you so much for your feedback! It makes all the effort worth it to know that Sterling Tool Works tools do what I set out for them to do: “To produce highly refined tools that both inspire and enable craftsmen to create their best work.”

      Thank you for your continued support!

      Best regards,


  8. Joseph Baz says:

    Hi Chris,
    I received the double square and the dovetail square yesterday,I’m extremely impressed by the quality of finish (it looks even better in the flesh than in the photos),I think the journey was about 10 days to Australia,I am very happy with my new toy and thanks again.
    Cheers,Joe Baz

  9. Hugh Edwards says:

    Dear Chris,

    Your Roubo curves are perfect for what I bought them for: scribing curves on wood veneers. Perfect! Including hard ribbed veneers such as oaks.

    Best wishes,


  10. Joe Beaulieu says:

    I recently ordered a 24″ Rule, a 6″ cherry Hamilton marking gauge, and a 1:4 Saddle-Tail; all are exactly what you would expect – outstanding examples of heirloom quality tools. I really like the 24″ rule – I am getting older and my eyes are not the best. The contrast is so much better than with other rules, including my Starrett ones – I plan on ordering the 12″ and 6″ next.

    Chris is a phenomenal host, understanding my issues and getting my orders out immediately. I will be buying again, this is very nice stuff!


  11. Mike Morgan says:

    I recently purchased the Roubo/French curves. They are fantastic, particularly the largest of the lot. I am happy to have found a set that is more substantial than the small plastic one typically available. The curves are a great help in furniture design.

  12. Horace Gordon says:

    I purchased the 1:4 saddle-tail dovetail marker, the French (Roubo) curves and the 6″ protractor. These are all beautifully crafted and machined. If you want to add to your heirloom-quality tools, they are worth every penny.
    Chris is very responsive to questions and comments. He clearly takes great pride in his work, and cares about his customers.

  13. Ben W says:

    A few months ago I reached out to Chris looking to purchase some his tools. I had never seen them first hand, but ogled at images of them online for a long time. When I decided to go ahead and purchase them Chris was great to communicate with. I ended up getting a pair of Saddle-Tails, a dovetail square, and a set of Roubo Curves.

    Every time I reach for any of these tools I’m amazed at the craftsmanship. They’re works of art in their own right and I love using them. I look forward to outfitting my tool chest with more of Chris’s work, hopefully, in the near future!

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Sterling Toolworks!

  14. Joe Williams says:

    I have ordered a plane hammer and now two saddleback squares. I could not be more impressed with the quality of these tools. I don’t even own a single wood plane but I ordered the hammer because who knows if it will exist when I do. These are just beautifully made and exceptional to hold.

    Reasonably priced for what they are, we need more wonderful tool makers out there thank you!

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