Sterling Tool Works 12 and 24 Inch Combination Square Rules

Sterling Combination Square RulesI am proud to announce that Sterling Tool Works is now offering replacement Rules for Most standard combination squares.  Many owners have combination squares, they are usually second hand or heirlooms that have been passed down in the family.  In many instances the rules are corroded and treatments to removed the rust leave them shiny and more difficult to read.  Sterling Tool Works is now offering Premium replacement rules that are precision made in the USA.  The rules are chemically etched, etchings blackened, tempered and satin chrome plated for excellent resolution that is easy on the eyes.

A 24″ rule can be extremely useful for larger tasks in the shop, but the cost (usually$125+ each) is usually prohibitive.  Our introductory price is $40 for the 12″ and $80 for the 24″.  These rules are a TREMENDOUS value at this indtroductory price.  Give your vintage Combination Square an upgrade with a new rule!  Available in 4R graduations; 64th, 32nd, 16th and 8th.

Sterling Combination Square Rules 4RNote: We cannot guarantee that the rules will fit ALL vintage square heads, I have tested with several different makers and vintages that I have on hand and all have worked. The critical dimensions to verify if these will work are:

Thickness = Sterling Rules are .088″ Thick

Width Edge to Groove = .46″

Groove width = .093″



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