Roubo Curves® “Series II” Curves are here!

We are very excited to offer a new series of Stainless Steel French curves to our Roubo Curves® Product line!!!

We are offering these two new profiles as individual units, and are available for $40 each plus shipping.  Just like our original “Series I set” these curves are made from 304 Stainless Steel precision cut with a laser and then processed with a nice matte finish that is easy on the eyes for layout work – No Glare. The finish on the curves allows for marking with a pencil to reproduce curves on multiple items and then easily wipe away.

The “Detail curve” RC-2-2 is just over 12” long and has many intricate curves to detail your projects with.

The “G Curve” RC-2-1 is a gentle curve is a scaled version of a popular curve that provides a nice gentle use curve for gentle arcs. This curve is also just over 12” long.

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