New “4R” Dovetail Square Set now available

4inch Double Square English4RMany customers have asked for an all english version of the popular 4″ Dovetail Square, so I am very pleased to say they are now available in the Store (click “store” above).

The 4 inch “4R” rule has 8th, 16th, 32nd and 64th graduations and is available three ways:

1) The entire Dovetail Square Kit pictured above, the Square, graduated rule, and Dovetail rule.

2) The Double Square Kit includes the Square and graduated rule, for customers that already own a dovetailing rule, this is your option.

3) The 4″ 4R graduated rule only, for those customers that want to add the all english 4″ rule to their existing kit.

Sterling 4inch Enlish rules



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