Announcing Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves!

A couple of furniture makers were lamenting to me about why the majority of furniture is so straight with right angles; it is easier to make. Curves can be beautiful and french curves are used my many designers to bring curves into designs on paper in a scaled format.
These furniture makers said they try to use French curves for their work but there lacked a set that was large enough for full scale work and that were of a durable material to last in the shop.

I am happy to announce that Sterling Tool Works has stepped up to the challenge and is proud to announce its newest product to fill this need!

Roubo Curves 4

Sterling Roubo Curves

Roubo curves are french curves on steroids, the largest curve in the three piece set is 18 inches long! This set is scaled to a perfect size for full scale work. The set is made from 304 Stainless Steel precision cut with a laser and tumbled in media to debur all the flash and give a nice matte finish. This will be the most durable set of curves you ever own.   Bring some beautiful curves into your next project! $70 for the three piece set plus shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Roubo Curves from the first production run will be shipping in late July, they will ship the the order that purchases were made.  To purchase click here.

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One Response to Announcing Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves!

  1. Michael O'Brien says:

    Hi Chris,
    I just received my Roubo Curve set today (07/31/15) and I am most pleased with them. They are very substantially constructed and the edges are all chamfered and smooth. They will be a joy to use. I like especially like the matte finish on them which eliminates glare from the tool while marking. Another winner from Sterling Tools.
    Mike O’Brien
    Valley Head, AL

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